What does this tell you eh?!
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Thread: What does this tell you eh?!

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    DefaultWhat does this tell you eh?!

    My Boyf is always pretending that he thinks Bobbie is a nuisance and calls her a "mangy mutt" (He's joking!)

    But, the other day we went to an amusement park and he won a stuffed hippo with no hard eyes/nose etc and when i went to say thanks and take it (he always gives them to me ) he said "No this one is for Bobbie!" I thought he was joking but no as soon as we got home, he rang my mom, asked her to bring Bobbie round our house and gave it to her with a big kiss to go with it!

    Awwwww he loves her really! :-*

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    DefaultRe: What does this tell you eh?!

    Hehehe. I've got one like that at home too. My SU would never publically admit that he likes the dogs but I catch him petting them when he thinks I'm not looking. My dad is visiting this week and I overheard my SU talking to him about Essy. He said "She's a very sweet dog." ;D I wish I had it on tape so I could play it back for him.

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    DefaultRe: What does this tell you eh?!

    dawwwww...how cute!!

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    DefaultRe: What does this tell you eh?!

    my SU does the same thing. he calls them "your" dogs a lot, but he likes to play with them and cuddle and pet them. my SU is spoiled, too. he likes to take advantage of all the work and training i put into a well behaved dog, and if one of them happens to annoy or inconvenience him, he sighs dramatically and declares, "we have too many dogs!"

    "Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend." ~ Corey Ford


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