Snacking on woodland creatures?
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Thread: Snacking on woodland creatures?

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    DefaultSnacking on woodland creatures?

    So much for Honey Bunny, (those of you who read that post). Bunnies are plentiful this time of year and today she caught a grown bunny and had herself a midmorning snack. Furthermore, I have reason to believe she has led Macadamia into this as well; my little brother came in to inform me she was munching on a smaller cottontail. Well about fifteen minutes earlier I'd called for her, but she'd taken off in the pasture and was nowhere to be seen.
    Now I really don't mind this, (hold off on the kisses, please) except I'm afraid they'll get tapeworms from ingesting wildlife. What are the chances of this?
    Do anyone else's labs seem to enjoy this repast?

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    DefaultRe: Snacking on woodland creatures?

    Yes, it could transmit whatever parasite the bunny is carrying. I imagine there is not much you can do about this if you let your dog run loose.

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    DefaultRe: Snacking on woodland creatures?

    I was away when this happened, but my boyfriend experienced it and told me about it. Chance ran away one night and thankfully showed up the next morning. All that day was farting up a storm. Late that night he had several accidents (large volume!) around the house; one which included fur. My BF is pretty sure it was bunny. Chance didn't get sick from any parasites, but our vet told us to watch him for a change in behaviour... and he was fine.
    If he did it again my main concern would be digestion.


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