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    I was wondering what is the best way to groom Hank??? Brushes, combs, bathing?? Just wonding what we have only gave him two baths thus far the first day we got him and then again this weekend he is currently 15 weeks. We just wanted him to get use to it.


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    Don't bathe him. Bathing with shampoo will strip the natural oils from your Labs coat and leave his coat looking dull and lifeless and dirty. He will probably also smell worse after you bathe him.. believe it or not!

    Go and buy a Kong Zoom Groom. Brush him to get any dirt off him, any mud would dry and stick to his fur and the brush will remove that.

    If you find that he is smelling 'doggy' and you aren't a fan of that smell wet a washcloth and spray a small amount of Listerine on it and rub it through his coat. Alternatively (and this is what I do) hose him down with cool water and rub him dry with a towel and give a good brushing when his coat is dry. The smell should be gone by the end of this routine.

    You do not ever need to bathe your lab, unless it's rolled in something that has died and you really cannot get the smell out any other way. Be more insistent on handling your puppy for ear cleaning, tooth brushing and nail clipping. These grooming necessities are far more important to have a cooperative Labrador
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    ditto Zoom Groom is your best friend!!!

    ps. Zoom Groom works GRRRRREAAAT on furniture and clothing as well
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    Zoom Groom.
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    I use the furminator and LOVE it, but I wouldn't use it on a puppy coat. One to keep in mind for later.
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    I agree with Sarah about the 'no shampoo' suggestion. I gave the girls a quick bath (back half only) at about 3 months because they had been playing and both rolled in "stuff" that smelled to high heaven. But otherwise it was just a warm washcloth, towel dry and brush. Now that it is warm enough we have had them out in their little pool too. They never really smell bad though. I had a lot of dogs growing up but never ones that didn't smell from time to time. I guess labs are just extra special. I have a Zoom Groom and a furminator. I didn't start using the furminator until they were about 4-5 months and their coats started to thicken up. Both work great! I have the Listerine tip on my solution list too - just in case!
    Love JL.!!!

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