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    DefaultHow do you???

    Keep an Elizabethian Collar on an 80 pound hyper lab, without him breaking everything around him, and knocking all furniture not bolted to the floor over? Ug! Bo broke a mirror the other night. 7 years bad luck for him. Geez. I think it had already started 2 weeks ago though. I don't think I can handle much more of this...

    Any ideas? He can't turn around in his crate with the collar on (His crate is the Large size not the XL), and he bangs on the bathroom door all night if I leave him in there. Both boys have been sleeping in their crates at night since they can't get along, plus I need Bo's wounds to heal without any more incident.


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    DefaultRe: How do you???

    Good luck! Sorry , no answers. We've all gone through that. My Last Lab never minded it but the others did. :P


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