Great day of hiking - with one exception...
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Thread: Great day of hiking - with one exception...

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    DefaultGreat day of hiking - with one exception...

    Yesterday Eddy (fiance) and I went hiking and took Jake with us for the first time. We had a great day. Jake loved it. He was SO well behaved and we were very proud of him!

    He also got to swim for the first time! He jumped right in a creek and swam all around and loved it. I have some photos I'll post later of our day!

    We had one bad experience on the hike though. I would like to hear your thoughts on if we could have handled this differently so we will be better prepared next time!

    We let Jake go off leash until we saw or heard other people on the trail and immediately called him back to us and put him on the leash until we were well past them and then we'd unleash him again. We came across several other people hiking with their dogs and like us they let them go off leash until they came across other people at which point they also immediately leashed their dogs.

    Well, there was this one man and woman (who were sitting down taking a break) that we came across that did NOT leash their dog. And he was a MEAN little dog who started vicsiously barking and growling and was lunging at Jake!

    Jake had the most bewildered look on his face and didn't make a sound and just hid and cowered behind Eddy's legs while Eddy tried to keep the dog from biting Jake.

    The owners didnt even get up to get ahold of their dog! They just sat there!! Finally Eddy yelled at them "Would you get ahold of your dog?". They still just sat there and finally the man got up. The dog wouldn't listen to him or come to him so his efforts to get ahold of his dog were fruitless (all the while the barking/growling/lunging was still taking place). Finally it got so bad that Eddy had to kick the other dog away. It wasn't hard - the dog did not yelp or anything - but it stopped him long enough for the man to get his dog.

    The man got mad that Eddy kicked his dog. Now, I hate that he had to do that but that dog was attacking Jake and since the owner wasn't doing anything Eddy felt he had no other choice to stop the dog. As soon as Eddy kicked him and the man got his dog Eddy yelled at him "You need to put a leash on your dog". They immediately went to digging for their leash. Eddy wasted no time rushing to get away from these people and their dog. I was behind them and the man quietly said "You better not f-ing kick my dog agan". He didn't say it loud enough for Eddy to hear and I didn't share that with Eddy until we were well away from there because I didn't want to make a bad situation worse!

    It was just really bad. Should we have handled it differently or did we do the right thing under the circumstances?

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    DefaultRe: Great day of hiking - with one exception...

    Unfortunately the world is full of rude obnoxious people and you just met one of them. These are people who do wrong and then get mad at you.
    You certainly did right by not passing along that guys last remark. That would have only incited an already tense situation.


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