Mothers Day suprise!
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Thread: Mothers Day suprise!

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    DefaultMothers Day suprise!

    I recieved the sweetest mothers day gift ever today! Lori created with her lap top a DVD of our "girls". It began with Mia & Molly (both have been at the bridge less than a year) then went to our current girls & then our fosters that we loved & found wonderful homes for. It of course ended with more of Mia, Molls & Daisy. The backround music to it was: Heavenly Days by Patty Griffen & Best of Friends (Disney's Fox & Hound) by Pearl Baily. Needless to say...... when the first pic came up on the big screen & the music started I was crying my eyes out! (not something I normally do) I have really been missing the girls lately so this is extra nice... they are right at my fingertips when ever I want. I have watched it several times & still can't even type this without crying :-\ .
    What a wonderful surprise it was!

    They were the best of friends.....

    Forever together
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    DefaultRe: Mothers Day suprise!

    Awww what a wonderful gift.
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
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    Nikki 6 months

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    DefaultRe: Mothers Day suprise!

    What a lovely thoughtful gift. Our seniors, and dogs waiting for us at the bridge sure can pull at our heart strings.

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    DefaultRe: Mothers Day suprise!

    AWW!! what a wonderful gift for you to cherish

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    DefaultRe: Mothers Day suprise!

    Oh Karen. That sounds like the nicest mother's day gift ever! That was so thoughtful of her! It sounds like she really put a lot of effort into making it just right.

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    DefaultRe: Mothers Day suprise!

    Ohhh, how thoughtful. Very nice


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