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    My kids, husband, dogs and I went camping over the weekend and had a great time. It was Indi's first camping trip and she was in Labby heaven. Great news all around. Petey wasn't too happy that he had to stay leashed due to leash rules in the campgrounds but he got over it quickly.

    At one point in the camping trip, my SU dumped some bacon grease where Indi could get at it. She decided to gulp some down with the dirt before we could call her off. Well everything seemed fine. No problems at all.

    It was really cold on Saturday night so we curled up in the tent and after playing some card games finally went to bed. We have a big 7 to 9 person tent so there is room for all 4 of us plus the dogs with room to spare. We could probably get another baby in there plus maybe 2 or 3 more dogs...hmmm. Anyway, Indi was laying on one side of us and Petey was laying on the other, firmly pressed against me. This is the only time they get to sleep with us so he was taking full advantage.

    I was sound asleep, enjoying the dog warmth on my legs when I heard this growl. I jshot up, worried that it was the dog growling at something outside when I realized that it was coming from my husband. He looked at me and I could see his face contorted with anger before he said, "Indi almost crapped (well he said the other word) on my head." I looked over on the part of hte tent beside him and sure enough, there was a pile of loose poop right beside where his head would have been. :-X

    I tried not to laugh and I did a pretty good job. Poor Indi looked devastated that she had had an accident and I really think that she had been in the process of nudging SU when the need hit and she couldn't hold it any longer. He let her out and thankfully we were able to get the tent cleaned up without any fuss. It was on the actual floor part, no blankets or anything. A little bit of soap and water and it was all clean.

    I laughed at him this morning because he had calmed down. Told him she must be really pissed at him if she was willing to crap on his head. Turns out he didn't stay mad at her for too long. She was shivering from the cold when she came back into the tent and he was so worried about her that he pulled her into his chest, threw the blankets on top of her and fell asleep.

    I'm not too sure if I could have been that forgiving. ;D

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    DefaultRe: Indi's big whoops

    Thanks for posting about your camping trip. I enjoyed the story. Poor Indi, I'm sure she wasn't happy about the tent incident.

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    DefaultRe: Indi's big whoops

    Not gonna laugh because I am hoping to take Tal camping with me this summer a time or two. Glad everything is ok and no worse for the wear!


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