My dog's a goofball!
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Thread: My dog's a goofball!

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    DefaultMy dog's a goofball!

    You know how when a dog sees a bug on the ground.. and they assume the position where their head is lowered to the ground, and their butt is high up, and they kinda jump toward the bug, because they really dont know what it is? And they kinda jump towards it, then back up, and maybe paw at it a little bit, and jump back again, and go at it from a different angle?

    Yesterday, Petey and I were in the backyard, and I saw him doing this.. I wondered what he was freaking out about.. what kind of bug he was checking out..

    It was a flippin DANDELION!!! The white, puffy kind! It was so funny. At the end, he finally mustered enough courage to bite the head off and spit it out.

    I wish I had a video camera, I would have loved to show the rest of the family lol

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    DefaultRe: My dog's a goofball!

    RIP poor Dandelion.

    Blackie and Ranger ...............................Reggie: 1996-2010 "Fly Reggie Fly"

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    DefaultRe: My dog's a goofball!

    That's too funny! Brigetta will do that "play bow" with a bug too!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: My dog's a goofball!

    That's so right on!!! Our puppy does that too- and while she's got that back-up bow thing going on, she's trying to figure out a way to get it in her mouth. Which she usually accomplishes pretty quickly. We're just afraid one day she's going to try this on a bee.


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