I don't know what happened to Bear today!
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Thread: I don't know what happened to Bear today!

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    DefaultI don't know what happened to Bear today!

    We were at the park this afternoon with her friend Kyra, then came their other friends Asia and Betty.

    Later my neighbor came with her dogs, which she hardly takes out during the day. One of them (Lilly is sort of nasty, bares teeth and tries to bite) was on the leash, because of how she is; they were just arriving and Betty and Asia went really angry to greet them but didnt do anything.

    All of the sudden.... Bear who never minds any dog, went over to greet them and about 3 feet away she jumped on Lilly, really really angry > > >. The woman moved her through the air with the leash, and I could see Lilly flying around the owner and Bear after Lilly, finally the woman got a hold of her dog and Bear stopped (after I shouted a couple of times too)

    Bear didnt try to go after her and as I told her to stay away, she did it, but she has NEVER ever gone after a dog unless they bug her. And even then, she only rough them up but not a bite.

    One time a beagle jumped on Bear for no reason and unbelievably Bear was the only one that got bitten.

    So as you can imagine, this took me completely by surprise...
    I remember one time we passed in front of this woman's house and Lilly charged to the fence to bite Bunny and was baring her teeth in a nasty way. But nothing happened and since then, they havent seen each other until today.

    Some part of me says that perhaps she was stablishing her position and so Lilly would know not to go after Bunny this time.
    I only think that, because one day there were 3 doggies (not friendly ones) walking outside the park and Bunny went to meet them (but from the inside part of the fence), they started barking really nasty at Bunny; to my surprise, Bear stopped what she was doing and went over to bark back at them and since then she barks at them when she sees them...
    She had met them before but never minded them until they barked at Bunny... :-\

    Bear got grounded after what happened today, but... I wounder if really she was just trying to protect her little sister :-\ ???

    Modified to add: I am not saying what she did was right, but I wonder Why she did it.

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    DefaultRe: I don't know what happened to Bear today!

    Did she bite the other dog? Sorry i couldnt tell.

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    DefaultRe: I don't know what happened to Bear today!

    No, but I am not sure if it was becasuse she didnt intended to or because the owner lifted it with the collar and leash. Yet when the woman finally had the dog in her arms, Bear stopped going after it.


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