Rocky Tries out Duck Hunting
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Thread: Rocky Tries out Duck Hunting

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    DefaultRocky Tries out Duck Hunting

    The path we walk/jog every single day has a pond on the side at one point. Last weekend I was even right along the edge with Rock in tow taking pics of the many ducks - he behaved as he always does.

    Tonight, he decided it was time to hunt. I unfortunately only had him on his flat collar so when he took off there was no way in heck I was going to stop him - so I let go of the leash to avoid getting dragged in. In the water he jumps.

    Now - one would think the ducks would fly away rigth? way from the crazy big dog? NOOOOo the just swim fast down the pond - Rocky following close behind paying no attention to my yelling.

    Finally he gets out - on the other side -in the middle of the pond. He goes back to where he jumped in (yay I think - he's coming back to me!). WRONG! he jumps BACK IN as the ducks had returned to their initial spot.

    About halfway thru the pond he jump out (on the other side) and just starts running around like a lunatic.

    Some good samaritan grabbed his leash as it was clear he wasn't coming to me any time soon. A very gentle and kind man may i add (as was his wife).

    Well...Rocky had fun
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: Rocky Tries out Duck Hunting

    Boy, that reminds me of a story my nephew told me this weekend. He was walking with his dog when his dog was a few months old, when the dog jumped into the lake by his place swimming like heck after some ducks in the middle of the lake. Instead of flying away, they kept swimming away just like Rocky's ducks. He started throwing rocks at the ducks to get them to fly away and they did. Then the dog turned around and realized how far he had swam out. He did make it to shore without my nephew going in. Sure sounds like Rocky's story though. Must be something about ducks that affects a dog's hearing.

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    DefaultRe: Rocky Tries out Duck Hunting

    Nothing wrong with a little duck hunting.

    Good thing you let go of the leash, you may also have been in the water. There are nice people out there.

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    DefaultRe: Rocky Tries out Duck Hunting

    HEHEHE...instincts are stronger than learned behavior.

    I'm glad you had enough sense to let go of the leash. One early Spring I was standing by a creek with Murray. He REALLY wanted to swim but I didn't want to let him in at the time. It was really cold and we were heading back to my inlaws cabin so I didn't want him wet. Murray wandered around beside me sniffing for a minute...just until I wasn't looking then he took a running/flying leap into the middle of the creek...yanked me off my feet and hyper extended my arm (still have problems with it to this day). Luckily I landed on my feet in knee deep water. If I had gone swimming I would have been REALLY POd.

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    DefaultRe: Rocky Tries out Duck Hunting

    Too funny; that also reminds me of a few weeks ago when we were at the lake.
    Bailey saw the ducks out a little beyond the dock & just flew off of it after them, these ducks flew away after that though.

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    DefaultRe: Rocky Tries out Duck Hunting

    lol Rocky... I'm glad someone grabbed him for you. That pup wants to hunt!


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