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    DefaultJeep Liberty as Dog Mobil

    I just got home from looking at a 2003 Jeep Liberty 4-door and my large dog crate will fit in the back. Anyone on the list have any comments about the Jeep Liberty? Driving it was a lot different than my Buick Century! Only 36000 miles on it and the dealership had sold the car originally. They also had a Jeep Wrangler 2007 with only 8000 miles but the crate would not fit in the back.

    While we were there they unloaded a Patriot and I may go back this afternoon and check it out.

    Hard to give up a car that is paid for and gets 28-30 mpg. Any comments on the Jeep would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Judy, mom to Reba, the Lab, and Jalapeno (Halle), the JRT

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    DefaultRe: Jeep Liberty as Dog Mobil

    nope no comments on the Liberty but we went from a 2002 Buick Park Avenue to an Envoy. Talk about shock!! We got good gas mileage out of the Pk Ave. but the Envoy only gets 15 mpg. We knew that going into it and since it's our only vehicle (hubby drives a work vehicle) we decided to go for it. I LOVE IT!! It is so much better than the car for hauling the dogs. Plus you can put other things in it easier than a car. Good luck on your decision. I know that car payment thing is a real bummer. Been there, done that. ;D For a Lab mobile, those can't be beat.

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    DefaultRe: Jeep Liberty as Dog Mobil

    Cars are so subjective. I hear good and bad stories about every vehicle. I think personally that all cars are pretty much the same. Get what you like and what you are comfortable with. All the major manufactures have good and weak points in their vehicles. You could go insane trying to figure out the best possible deal would be.
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