Yeah... Madison's swelling is about gone!
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Thread: Yeah... Madison's swelling is about gone!

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    DefaultYeah... Madison's swelling is about gone!

    Madison keeps looking better as each hour passes. Still looks a bit lumpy in her face area and parts of her body but NOTHING like last night. Gave her another dose of Benadryl earlier and it calmed down the itching that had developed again. She's currently asleep in the bathroom on the cool vinyl floor. Ok.. scratch that, she's back out next to me, lol. Still would like to figure out what exactly made her swell like that. NOT looking forward to that happening again.

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    DefaultRe: Yeah... Madison's swelling is about gone!

    Awwww good....I'm so glad she is better. You really need to get an epi pen in case it would, God forbid, happen again because they say the reaction can get worse if repeated. I would get one asap to have on hand. Give her a BIG :-* from us. Cutie


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