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Thread: Sammi's camping trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boonesmom View Post
    looks like fun for all !!! sammi and pals look great running in the surf. where are you guys--nehalem state park ? boone is real jealous as the only place i will camp (in my old age) is a nice motel/hotel preferably a resort !!!!

    glad you guys had a good time.
    Yep we were at Nehalem! Great park, except the hike to and from the beach, quite the hill- but I just had Sammi pull me over I love my motels and resorts just as you, but have to say the camper is quite comfy- full free standing shower, and a nice queen sized bed! Many steps up from a tent, but can't wait to get our 5th wheel which will be next! We go with Our best couple friends, so all in total there is 6 adults and 3 pup's, good times!! The pooches are all within months of the same age. Wylie was found in the desert of Arizona, literally- so he is a very special boy, he is the black boy standing back on the sand, while the girls are in the water! Guess he doesn't like the water all that much

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    Looks like Sammi had a blast on her camping trip. So nice of you to take her along.

    Love the last pic of her laying in the chair, though I look at pics of them like that wonder How on earth can that ever possibly be comfortable??

    I hurt just looking at them laying like that.

    My pretty girl, Lexi!

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    What a great camping trip!!
    Dozer (04/01/09) & Moose (01/02/13)
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    That pic of her in the chair is the same position Holly sleeps in on the lounge chair.

    Looks like everyone had a ball.

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    Spoiled pup!

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