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    I was hanging out with my youngest son, after picking him up from school, yesterday when he suddenly pointed out that there was a mouse in the games room! OK, what to do? (We have been having a few problems with mice lately so didn't want to just catch it and put it outside because it would come right back inside again). I'll get one of the cats. Grab Angel off my son's bed and bring her into the games room. Angel hates to be picked up so by the time I had carried her back all she wanted to do was get away and the mouse had gone into hiding anyway.

    We had a bit of a look around, couldn't see the mouse anywhere and then decided the only place in could be was the buster cube! Son picked it up gave it a bit of a shake and said "yes" it was in there. I decided to give it a shake as well "just to double check". As I was giving the buster cube a rather vigorous shake the mouse suddenly launched itself out of the cube, about two foot in the air in my direction causing me to scream like a girl, drop the cube and run for safety : (I'm not scared of mice, it just made me jump)

    OK.....lets grab cat number 2.....Lucy, wake up and come with me!!! By now the mouse was pinned in the corner of the games room with two or three dogs looking on. Put Lucy down near the mouse and a nano second later she has it in her mouth. Being a cat though she decided to play with it before the kill and let it go. The mouse fled into hiding under a box. I picked up the box, mouse runs out, Matt barks, Scooby barks, Blue barks, Lucy runs off, Gus looks on bemused, mouse runs towards dog crates, Matt takes off after mouse, Matt walks away with mouse tail hanging out of his mouth, drops mouse (now looking not very alive, in fact pretty dead), picks mouse up, drops mouse, picks it up and eats it

    Peace and quiet is restored to our house

    Won't someone please feed me!

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    DefaultRe: Matt the mouser (long)

    Icky - visual imagery of lab with mouse tail hanging out of his mouth!!! ;D

    Good job Matt!

    Ellie has caught two mice in the backyard in the last month. Fortunately, she doesn't eat them. Just runs around the yard like a maniac with it hanging out of her mouth. She is very proud though, she runs in the house, butt tucks around, and runs out again so that she can show us what she has done!!

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    DefaultRe: Matt the mouser (long)

    Henery says, Way to go Matt!! Aren't dead critters yummy??


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