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    DefaultGAH I HATE TICKS!

    I pulled no less than 15 ticks off me and the dogs this weekend. Never have I seen them this bad. For the most part we have stayed at home, so they are on the property. Frontline goes on today! (wish they made that for people too!)

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    DefaultRe: GAH I HATE TICKS!

    I maybe wrong, but don't think so.
    Frontline which I have used in the past kills ticks w/i 24 hrs.
    This means ticks have time to bite. If you live in an area like I do, this gives the tick an opportunity to transmit Lyme disease. That's not good. But if your not in the "Lyme Area" it's not a problem.

    On the other hand, Advantix claims to repell as well as kill ticks. Repelling before biting is a better defence against Lyme I would think.

    I've got to check on this further but maybe changing from Frontline to Advantix very shortly.

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    DefaultRe: GAH I HATE TICKS!

    Have you tied frontline in your hair? It works wonders. ;D JUST KIDDING.

    I hate ticks too. :-X But I have only caught 3 this spring so far.
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    DefaultRe: GAH I HATE TICKS!

    I called Frontline last year to get some more information when they were so bad in Upstate NY last fall and this is what they told me.
    There isn't anything on the market made to keep the ticks off of your dog.
    It takes about 24 to 36 hours for enough venom to get into the dog to cause it problems.
    Within 24 hours the tick will have ingested enough of the Frontline to kill the tick.
    Ticks don't go away in the winter, they slow down but they are still out there. Because the deer population is growing in this area and the available habitat is shrinking; plus we are in the woods every day I keep Oona on it year round. I found out from my vet that because she is on it all year if I ever had a problem with a tick born disease Frontline will pay for her vet care.

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    DefaultRe: GAH I HATE TICKS!

    I read that the "american dog tick" doesn't carry lyme disease. (just a bunch of other, equally disgusting diseases :-X)

    Me and my b/f looked it up after peanut got her first ever tick on the weekend. I had never even seen one before!!!
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    DefaultRe: GAH I HATE TICKS!

    Karen, same here. I itch for days after we pull one off our crew. They got their frontline early last week, thankfully.


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