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    DefaultThere are no pictures....

    Because Rookie wouldn't go into the pond. :

    After last week's debut flying nun jump into the river, he barely will walk into the water. I hope he hasn't traumatized himself.

    He shows great interest in what the older dogs are doing, he just won't go in. Of course I realize he's young, but it bums me out just a smidge...especially with Rider loving the water as much as he does.

    OOOH LA.
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    DefaultRe: There are no pictures....

    I didn't read about last week's daring stunt. But, I bet he will be back in the water in no time. Especially when he gets a little bigger, and he sees all the fun and enjoyment Rider gets out of swimming.

    Murphy, Riley, and Piper

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    DefaultRe: There are no pictures....

    Poor chap has scared himself !

    Guess you'll leave it to him to go in in his own time ?

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    DefaultRe: There are no pictures....

    this is a fear stage for puppies so I would take my time and he may come back around.

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    Felix Guest

    DefaultRe: There are no pictures....

    Just give it some time!

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    DefaultRe: There are no pictures....

    Oh, maybe he did scare himself a little bit! Poor wittle Rookie!

    Don't permanent harm done I'm sure

    Hey, here's a sort of similar story about Simon:

    Last fall we were taking agility. Simon loves it, and between our turns to do the obstacles, he would sometimes run up the A-frame, or go through a tunnel, over the dog walk, which I did not discourage because I figured hey, extra practice, glad he's enjoying himself, etc. The teacher kept commenting on how fearless he was, and I was glad to see he showed no shyness about trying new things.

    Then one day we were standing around and I was not paying enough attention and before I knew it, he had darted up the teeter Of course it dropped right out from under him when he hit the other side too fast, and there he was, paddling in mid-air like Wile E. Coyote in the Roadrunner cartoons. :-[ He felll to the ground, and wasn't hurt, but then he developed a serious distrust of anything that looked like a teeter. :-\

    When we ended classes last fall, he was still tucking his tail anytime I tried to get him to go on the teeter or dog walk. There are no classes in winter, so it was March before we went back. To my amazement, he seemed to have forgotten all about it! So, now I am very careful about the teeter when we are just standing around, and we are taking it very, very slow.

    So, Rookie will forget I bet. Plus he has Rider to encourage him. I agree, when he sees how much fun Rider is having, he will eventually join right in!

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    DefaultRe: There are no pictures....

    No worries...Darwin had NO interest in water until he was 6 or 7 months old. Rookie will come around

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    DefaultRe: There are no pictures....

    Buddy had to be coaxed into the water. You'd never know it now. As far as Buddy is concerned, going into the pool to chase the ball is no different that running across the lawn. Cute in July. Annoying in January, lol.

    He'll be fine!

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    WigWag Guest

    DefaultRe: There are no pictures....

    Dani I first brought Wigeon to the pond when she was about 10 weeks and continued to bring her about once a month that whole first summer and all she did was wade in 4" or so of water. :-\ She also wasn't that interested in retrieving at a young age. I was bummed out. Her mother is not much of a retriever or swimmer - it took her until she was about 2 years old to make the plunge and even then she won't go out too far. I was so hoping Wigeon would take after her dad who swam out so far at 9 weeks that we had to go rescue him! Anyway this "la la land" behavior continued until about 7 months of age. Suddenly a light bulb clicked on and she was a retrieving maniac! Since she was born in the spring I couldn't get her back to the pond until she was a year old. It took one trip and a bumper to get her to take a flying leap and never look back.

    Give him some time.

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    DefaultRe: There are no pictures....

    Is there a place where YOU could go in and encourage him to join you?

    That's how I got Peanut swimming, and Minpins are NOT swimmers!! ;D
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