Those Pesky Pesticide Flags
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Thread: Those Pesky Pesticide Flags

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    DefaultThose Pesky Pesticide Flags

    Hmmmm......What do you all think, and DO, about those certain lawns you walk your dog past that have those "Treated With Pesticide" flags on them? I mean, I'm glad they at least give you a warning, but..........when you get home from the walk, do you clean off your dog's paws? I'm not sure if I'm anal or what, but lately when I get home from walking my dog in public (and high dog-traffic areas) I have been wiping her paws with some pet wipes. I do this because.....1. We walk past some lawns, actually MOST lawns, that are treated with pesticides, and also sometimes we walk past poops that WERE NOT picked up...........and.....2. She licks her paws sometimes lately. Am I being a bit over the top, or do other people here do the same thing? Guess you can never be too careful, just don't want to be too weird.

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    DefaultRe: Those Pesky Pesticide Flags

    I haven't gone to cleaning his paws after our walks yet, but I do keep Kody off of lawns that have been treated. I wouldn't say you are anal, just cautious. Caustious is good in my book.

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    DefaultRe: Those Pesky Pesticide Flags

    I'm grateful that they have them out. I make a note when they were put up and avoid that yard for about 48 hours.

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    DefaultRe: Those Pesky Pesticide Flags

    I haven't seen any with the flags up around here as most homeowners put down their own fertilizer. Unfortunately, in that case, you have no way of knowing when that is. So for now, most of the walk is in the street by the curb since it is a neighborhood streets.

    I know he has gotten into grass at some places but so far has shown no signs of any distress...


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