So proud of Ernie (plus a few pics)
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Thread: So proud of Ernie (plus a few pics)

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    DefaultSo proud of Ernie (plus a few pics)

    Ernie was fantastic in obedience class today. He is the youngest dog in the class and all of the dogs had to maintain a down stay position for 3 minutes. He was one of only three dogs out of about 10 total to maintain the stay. He almost lost it when the 5 1/2 month old golden retriever (also named Ernie) jumped up and started towards the face of my Ernie. I just gave him a real firm "No" and he completely ignored the other Ernie. After that the instructor takes each dog one by one and we have to go to the other end of the room and call the dog to us while her assistant times us. The first week Ernie came in ninth but this week he came in fourth!--which is a tremendous improvement especially considering the first three dogs include a Mastiff who takes about two leaps and he is at the other end of the room. (He always comes in first just b/c of his size ;D) So Ernie came home with two ribbons today--of course he tried to eat them :P

    I stopped at the feed store b/c we needed another bag of dog food and as a reward for his good behavior I bought him a rib bone. He is crazy about it and I was able to snap a couple of pictures......

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    DefaultRe: So proud of Ernie (plus a few pics)

    Good boy Ernie!

    That bone is almost as big as he is!


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