Rangermom (Aunty Jeanne) some pics
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Thread: Rangermom (Aunty Jeanne) some pics

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    DefaultRangermom (Aunty Jeanne) some pics

    Dear Aunty Jeanne and Ranger:
    Thank you so much for the sucky ball!! I don't have a little Cricket to take it away from me, so I had the sucky ball allllll to myself!! I love it!!
    (she was taking it all over the house, as you can see from these pics)

    Mom, I just know there's something in here for me...

    yup..see? it's a Sucky Ball!! whoo hooo! I'll play w/it by the foyer

    now I'm going to take it to the other side of the house

    And of course I have to play with it behind the coffee table

    Mom, I'm going to put it on the coffee table so that I know exactly where it is the next time I want to play with it.

    (I may take it outside the next time Willie (terrier mix) is here. Maybe I can get some "Lucy/Cricket" shots)
    Linda and Zoë, the Umlaut
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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    DefaultRe: Rangermom (Aunty Jeanne) some pics

    Aunty Jeanne is a doll.

    Looks like someone loves their sucky ball too! Little did Teddie know she was starting such a trend in this place. Laura, you should have bought a couple dozen and jacked up the price

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    DefaultRe: Rangermom (Aunty Jeanne) some pics

    My little Umlaut,

    I am so glad that you are enjoying your sucky ball. After all the kind things that you and your Mom have done for me, it's nice to be able to do something in return. Thanks so much for posting pictures. I really enjoyed them.

    Aunty Jeanne

    Blackie and Ranger ...............................Reggie: 1996-2010 "Fly Reggie Fly"

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    DefaultRe: Rangermom (Aunty Jeanne) some pics

    You lucky girl Zoe


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