Blue Buffalo expands their recall
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Thread: Blue Buffalo expands their recall

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    DefaultBlue Buffalo expands their recall

    Blue Buffalo is now expanding their recall to include canned and all treats.
    Originally, they had just recalled some cat food.

    Friday, April 27, 2007
    Blue Buffalo Recalls All Canned Dog and Cat Food and Treats

    Blue Buffalo just announced another expansion of the recall covering:

    All Blue brand can dog foods
    All Spa Select brand can cat foods
    All Blue Health Bar treats.

    I have a box of the treats :-\ Toss

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    DefaultRe: Blue Buffalo expands their recall

    Smeagol (our yorkie) east the Blue Chicken and rice food but I don't think it's been recalled yet. He's about out I don't know what to get him though should I go ahead and get the same stuff since it has not been recalled officially or get something else???

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    DefaultRe: Blue Buffalo expands their recall

    well if it is a canned food its recalled if its bagged for now its OK....but if it contains wheat gluten,corn gluten, rice gluten, rice protein concentrate, rice flour, or soy still might yet be recalled..

    Kelly and Amber


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