Jake had a tick...
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Thread: Jake had a tick...

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    DefaultJake had a tick...

    ...and it was a rather large one. Do they get that big in one day? Yesterday I gave him a really good brushdown and it was not there then! Ugh, I forgot about this part of owning a dog. :-X He's been on Revolution and I've been planning on changing after someone on here said it was only 80% effective for heartworms. Now I definitely am! I just put his latest application on last week! I called the vet and will stop by tomorrow to pick up some Frontline Plus and Heartgard. I hope that works better. It kind of irritates me that the girl on the phone just said "yeah, even our Revolution sales rep says that you should use a tick collar if you are in an area with a lot of ticks". ... um..why didn't they tell me that to begin with??? ???

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    DefaultRe: Jake had a tick...

    If the back part of the ticks body is bick, then the tick is sucking blood out of Jake :

    (correct me if iam wrong) ...

    But i've treated Laika over here with Frontline (for all type's of stupid creatures) and she get's evry day small pieces of sheepfat with garlic, and if she then got's a tick they are already dead on arrival 8) (or just sit there and do nothing)

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    DefaultRe: Jake had a tick...

    I pulled two off of Fudge last evening. Funny, they were right beside each other. Today their Frontline goes on!


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