I have been letting murphy sleep with me on the bed, this past week he has been sleeping the whole night with me. Well last night around 1230, he keeps licking my face, arms, nudging at me and I finally got up and let him out. After a few minutes, and he came back in, so I went back to sleep, Again at 3 he is just persistent as ever, and in my daze I just put him right in his crate and fell back asleep. Well I woke up and feed him and since his crate is next to the door I notice dryed pee. I mean if he had to go he would have went the first time, and he would be able to hold it between 12 and 6. Thats the logic I was thinking, but looks like I was wrong. I hope he doesnt think its ok to pee in the house now because i wont let him out when he has to go... He hasnt had an accident inside for the past 2 months.