Has anyone heard of Exclusive dog food?
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Thread: Has anyone heard of Exclusive dog food?

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    DefaultHas anyone heard of Exclusive dog food?

    Sydney has had loose stools on and off since we got her and she is now 4 months old. When I took her to the vet for her last set of shots and rabies they said she didn't show positive for gardia but they were going to treat anyways just in case. That was last friday. They called me tuesday to check on her and I told them the antibiotic wasn't changing anything. He said he wanted to try 1 more week of antibiotic and then if tht doesn't help them we should consider a food change. They want me to put her on Science Diet hypoallergenic but I refuse. So when I went to the feed store today to get my older dogs Chicken Soup(which is what sydney is on only LBP) I talked to the store manager who also said no way to science diet. He did on the other hand say if we wanted to try a food change to try Exclusive. They gave me a sample of LBP and a sample of adult lamb. He also said he thought it was probably a maturity thing more than a food thing since it is just intermitent loose stools and since she has been on it since we got her. So any opinions on this vs Chicken soup or if it is a food thing? Thanks


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    DefaultRe: Has anyone heard of Exclusive dog food?

    Never heard of that brand

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    DefaultRe: Has anyone heard of Exclusive dog food?


    I know a few breeders who feed it and love the food. I tried it at one time but couldn't get it all the time so I went back to ProPlan.



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