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    DefaultInteresting thing on food

    Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday? It was all about dogs and they had Dr. Marty - a holistic vet - on the show. He gave his opinions on food, which is very interesting. I looked it up on his website. So the super premium kibble is ranked way down there on the bottom. :-\

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    DefaultRe: Interesting thing on food

    I saw that too. I wonder why?
    This whole food thing is so irritating. It's like it doesn't mater what you feed your dogs, nothing is going to be good for them.

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    DefaultRe: Interesting thing on food

    His book "The Nature of Animal Healing" by Martin Goldstien DVM is a very worth while addition to any library. It tells the how and why he transitioned from traditionaly vet medicine to his holistic practice, also that his brother shares the practice with him and they have made great changes in their clients health not only with diet but also vaccination protocols.

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    DefaultRe: Interesting thing on food

    Hmm, that is interesting. Yeah, I think his order is probably pretty similar to how Dr. Pitcairn would advise as well. I think the theory being, the extrusion process compromises a lot of the natural vitamins. :-\

    Whole Dog Journal this month has about 1/3 of their issue devoted to the recalls and what to do to stack the deck in your favor. They recommend buying foods that are free of grain fragments and by-products, and foods that use only human-grade ingredients.

    I think dude's list is sort of unfair the way it is presented - because while it may be true that in general, kibble has less natural vitamins than wet food because of the way it is processed, to place premium kibble right above grocery store kibble implies that it is not that much better. I think if each of these categories were assigned grades, the first seven or eight would be A's, #9 would be a B and #10 would be a D. Or something like that. Do you see what I'm saying?

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