Finn at 4 months
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    DefaultFinn at 4 months

    Finn is now 4 months old and yes a little on the chunky side. He weighed 27.5 pounds at the vet on the 14th but last week we had to board the dogs (my grandfather passed away out of state) and I think he got a few extra treats. I have not had a chance to weigh him but I am guessing 33 pounds. I say a little chunky bc we can't feel his ribs very well, part of it might be puppy fat too. In one week he went from a cute little puppy to a cute big dog It sucks that this change happened while we were away but oh well. He did not want to stand up so I could get a stacked picture so this is all I have for the moment. We start obedience class May 9th at the local dog club. I am hoping the classes go well and then Finn will go to lvl 2 and test for his CGC. After that we haven't decided. We did Petsmart with Maggie and I have a feeling we will sign her up with the dog club after we are done with Finn.

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    DefaultRe: Finn at 4 months

    Finn is so handsome! Good luck in class!
    Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Finn at 4 months

    He's adorable......with maybe a little extra pounds on the side......i'm sure once you get him back into his normal routine he'll drop those like nothing...


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