Can you rec. a car harness?
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Thread: Can you rec. a car harness?

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    DefaultCan you rec. a car harness?

    I think I want to try using a harness with Jers. What's the best one you have found? TIA!

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    DefaultRe: Can you rec. a car harness?

    I have an Easy Rider. It might be better for an older dog, but it was not appropriate for my puppy because he moved around a lot and got tangled up in the car. I've only used it a couple of times and it cost me $40. Someone else mentioned that you can buy ones that attach to the car rather than the seatbelt, and I actually think this would be a lot better.

    In my opinion, seatbelts aren't that great of an idea. A crate might be better.

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    DefaultRe: Can you rec. a car harness?

    For Molly she wears her regular harness, and then I bought her a leash made by Bamboo (got it at PetsMart) the clips into the seatbelt and also onto the harness.

    She doesn't like to stay in the back so I also want either a seat hammock or a divider that way she has to stay back there.

    In my mom's car we have the SUV dog barrier and they both ride in the back with blankets and such...we're testing that out on friday (haha)
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    DefaultRe: Can you rec. a car harness?

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    DefaultRe: Can you rec. a car harness?

    I use the Champion Canine Seat Belt with Henry... he's had the same one since he outgrew his car crate and is now almost 4. VERY durable!!

    Instead of the tether that comes with it, I use PetBuckle's Kwic Connect tether and keep it short so that he doesn't get tangled. What I like about this tether is that it connects to the bar you have in your car to anchor a child's carseat to, rather than to a seatbelt, so there's not as much play. I've seen them at our PetsMarts, or, you could order them online.

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    DefaultRe: Can you rec. a car harness?

    Felicia recommended the above to me, and we got one and love it! ;D Agree, very high-quality and durable!

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    DefaultRe: Can you rec. a car harness?

    Casey has the JB Pet harness that Bearsdad posted the link to. We've had it for about 5 years now and it's worked well for her. She's always happy to put it on and go for a ride. ;D
    The hardware on the Champion model looks like it might be stonger, though. Maybe I'll have to look into one of those.


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