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    Defaultjumping up on the bed

    Since Gabby started the anti-inflammatories for her hips, she discovered she can jump onto my bed. She has never once been invited.

    I tell her off, and then remove her. We are very, very consistent about this. What else can we do to prevent her on the bed (besides be grateful that at the moment, her hips are feeling well enough to jump)?

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    DefaultRe: jumping up on the bed

    Why on earth would you want to keep her off HER bed?

    I have been terrible about training this, so I'm probably not the best person to be giving advice. Do you have a bed for her near your bed? If you can redirect her to a place of her own that has been properly conditioned and she associates with good things, that is probably your best bet. (See http://www.shirleychong.com/keepers/archives/mat.txt for a reliable way to teach "go to your mat.")

    If she's really determined, you have four options that I can see:

    (1) Any number of diabolical aversives that will make her afraid of the bed (e.g., unpleasant surfaces, upside-down mousetraps). May or may not work, and may have unpleasant side effects.

    (2) Barrier training, in which you barricade the bed and reward for avoiding it, and then gradually lower the barricade until it is something as small as a broom handle. Done properly, you can condition a dog not to step over a particular object. I can go into more detail on this if you like.

    (3) Crate her when you don't want her on the bed.

    (4) Buy a doggie blanket for the bed.

    We use a combination of (3) and (4) for Theo, mostly because I'm lazy.

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    DefaultRe: jumping up on the bed

    Why on earth would you want to keep her off HER bed? Wink
    bwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaa; my first thought, too! I'm a sucker about having a ton on them on the bed. Every morning there is at least 4 on the bed!! LOL

    Okay, since it appears I have no good advice!

    Oh ... pennies in the can worked for Dutch. He would barricade SU's side of the bed where he couldn't get in (smart dog ). If we shoke the pennies can; he got off and on to his dog bed. It didn't phase the others.


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