dixie throwing up!
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Thread: dixie throwing up!

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    Defaultdixie throwing up!

    I have been having so many problems with Dixie! I took her to the vet last week for the second time and did test, they still dont know what is wrong.

    She is now throwing up all her food and everything she eats! Any suggestions on what I should do now? this might be a stupid question, but can dogs get the flu? She is sick with something and its very odd to me that our vet cant figure out what is wrong with her. He didnt even give her medicine bc he said she is healthy!

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    DefaultRe: dixie throwing up!

    Did he do any bloodwork or urine tests?

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    DefaultRe: dixie throwing up!

    I would also be worried about a possible obstruction. Is she having any bowel movements? I would definately be concerned and ask your vet. Maybe they should do some x-rays along with bloodwork.


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