HELP--resident dog/new puppy behavioral issue
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Thread: HELP--resident dog/new puppy behavioral issue

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    DefaultHELP--resident dog/new puppy behavioral issue

    Hey all!
    I adopted Duke about 2.5 weeks ago, and until yesterday, the relationship b/w him and my other lab, 5.5 year old Nellie (I've had her since she was 8 weeks) has been pretty normal. However, yesterday, after I put Duke in his crate for the night w/his Kong filled with a couple of treats to keep him busy before he fell asleep, Nellie stationed herself right outside of his crate door, and began barking nostop, and pawing at the door. Nellie has always been a very quiet dog, only barking when someone rang the doorbell, so this was a surprise to me. Then Duke started to bark back and get very excited and agitated, until it was an all out bark-fest. I almost went deaf! :P

    I took Duke outside to go to the bathroom, and immediately, Nellie ran inside his crate and grabbed his Kong. Then she wouldn't let him come near it. She let me take it away with no problem, but didn't want Duke touching it. I tried to put him back in his crate again about a half hour later, and she did the same thing, with the barking.

    Then, this morning, when I put Duke back in his crate with his Kong, she did it AGAIN. How would everyone suggest that I try to correct this behavior from Nellie? I always make sure to give her her own bone filled with peanut butter, or whatever, BEFORE I give Duke his. But as soon as she's finished with hers, she'll go over to his crate and start to go nuts. This is bothersome for obvious reasons, but also b/c Duke has been doing great with his crate training, and I don't want this to dusrupt it, by making his crate a stressful place to be.

    I realize I could just confine Nellie to one room to prevent the behavior, but I'd much rather take appropriate steps to correct the problem. Any ideas??

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    DefaultRe: HELP--resident dog/new puppy behavioral issue

    Does she know Leave it? That's what I do with Mocha when she's trying to take Smeagols kong after finishing hers, tell her to leave it. She normally stares at it for a while hoping I'll give it but since I don't she gives up and lays down. If she goes after it I reinforce the command and correct her if for some reason she persists I remove her from the room until he's finished.

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    DefaultRe: HELP--resident dog/new puppy behavioral issue

    Set it up like so..

    have some very high-value treats on hand

    have Nellie on leash.

    give duke his stuffed kong (doesn't have to be in the crate for now)

    ask nellie to lay down and stay, and FLOOD her with treats.

    Take duke's kong away.

    Repeat throughout the day.

    For the time being, when you need to crate Duke, put Nellie in another room or crate her.

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    DefaultRe: HELP--resident dog/new puppy behavioral issue

    Ok--will do. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a whirl today!


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