How lucky are we!!
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Thread: How lucky are we!!

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    DefaultHow lucky are we!!

    Was thinking about Dwecks post today about Wesley, and while I was walking Sammi around the lake you see in my sig. today, I was thinking, I truly am a lucky lucky person to have this beautiful, wonderful dog in my life!! At that moment my heart was just full of love for this pup. Wasn't sure I would ever have those feelings for another pup again after losing our Aspen. Just want to learn to enjoy every moment and not worry about her every moment of the day! Maybe that comes with time. For those that have once lost their "best friend" how do you learn to not worry about losing your current pup/or pups!

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    DefaultRe: How lucky are we!!

    For me the worry is still not gone and it's been almost 2 years since we lost Lucy. I find myself even more attentive to the little things - lumps, bumps, loose stools, vomiting, anything that is out of the ordinary. I have found that with time I don't over react but am still vigilant. Part of me still wonders if I could have prevented Lucy's death, in retrospect there were some little changes in her behavior that may have clued us in sooner that there was a big problem. It was especially hard for me when Skye turned 18 months old (the age Lucy was when she died) - Skye is Lucy's sister: the breeder almost as crushed as we were and decided to have one more litter using Lucy's parents. They gave us pick of the that litter. I too am thankful every day for the labradorks that we now have. They bring me joy everyday and I can't imagine my life without them. I took them both to the off leash park today and I can't describe how much fun it was to see them run free and enjoy being a dog. Seize the moment and be thankful for our blessings.

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    DefaultRe: How lucky are we!!

    Whenever I think about that awful day to come when we must part, it makes me appreciate today with them and love them even more.


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