for more than a week now that i have my Baby Alfa, i know we're starting to really build a "connection". i can tell when she is sad, when she needs attention, when she's about to poop, uhm... it's a slow process though, but hey, who's in a hurry? then just this very early in the morning (5:30am,,,i usually wake up at 8am), i had this dream that my Baby Alfa kept on barking as if she was trying to tell me that she had to poop. then i let her pooped in her crate (i know i shouldnt be doing that. il train her not to poop in her crate next time). then my dream ends when i suddenly smell my room smells like u know what! aarrrggghh! and yes, she's learning how to eat her poop too(my fault)! since that incident up to now, i havent continued my beauty sleep...waaaahhhhh.... :