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Thread: Recall of Dingo Treats

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    DefaultRecall of Dingo Treats

    This was sent to me. I don't know if it's already been posted or not.

    I found this posted on another list. It's about Dingo jerky treats. Since the person who sent it in didn't give permission to cross-post, I won't paste in her brief and eloquent account -- but here is the URL for a story about yesterday's nationwide recall.

    I don't know anything about the facts of this one. It may not be accurate, though the presence of a corroborating article on Yahoo's Finance page suggests there's something going on. (I found a number of other citations on dog-oriented blogs, etc., but they basically repeated what's below.) If there's even a chance of possible harm to dogs and people from salmonella in this product, though, I thought folks would want to know.

    Go here:

    for the recall story.

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    DefaultRe: Recall of Dingo Treats

    I think it's legitmate. It was posted on my cat board also

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    DefaultRe: Recall of Dingo Treats

    Yup, I posted about this earlier today. It affects dog, cat, and ferret treats. Luckily none of my animals get these, but since I have not only a dog, but cats and ferrets as well, I paid particular attention to this recall.
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