Since when is my lab picky about food?!
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Thread: Since when is my lab picky about food?!

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    DefaultSince when is my lab picky about food?!

    The day came for the heartworm prevention tablets. Usually I feed these before their dinner (when SU is home) but I forgot, so the next morning I decided to give the tablets just before breakfast. Usually this is easy. Every month I break out the Sentinel Spectrum and get both dogs to sit and shake hands, just like they were getting a treat, and they gobble it up just like a treat. This particular morning, Kira sits, shakes and swallows her tablet like it's a prize piece of stinky liver. Finley sits, shakes, takes the tablet... and promptly spits it out. What the...?! That NEVER happens! I hastily pick it off the floor before Kira can get a double dose, and I give it back to Fin. PTUI! He spits it again. Third time lucky? Nope... another spit.

    Fine... I am going to have to get cunning. I get some cheese out of the fridge. These dogs are fiends for cheese. I cut two slices, and carefully make a hole in one slice, which I fit the slightly worse-for-wear Sentinel tablet into. More treats guys! Kira, shake hands... she does, and she wolfs down her cheese. Finley shakes hands, accepts the cheese, but somehow manages to eat around the tablet, which he promptly spits back out. Kira sees the soggy "treat" and lunges for it, but I am quicker. Phew!

    Ok... plan B. The kibble has been soaking in their bowls for breakfast. I grab a handful and make a ball of wet kibble around the tablet. I feed it to Finley. This HAS to work! The tablet is getting smaller and smaller, maybe if I try this enough times he'll just assimilate the drugs through his tongue... anyhow, once again he managed to eat all the kibble while freeing the tablet to be spat out.

    As a last ditch effort, I decide to hide the tablet (which is now the size of a piece of kibble and just happens to be similar in colour) in his bowl. Maybe he won't notice it and will just gobble it up with the rest of his food. But just in case, I figure I should feed the dogs separately so that Kira doesn't accidentally get it. I decide to feed Kira in the kitchen, and take Finley outside and watch him eat. I put Kira in a sit and put her bowl in front of her. Now, both my dogs will sit and stare at a full bowl of food in front of them without eating it until I give the signal, but this is a slightly different situation because I've just walked off with another bowl of food and the other dog in tow, and of course Kira thinks there might be something more exciting in his bowl, so instead of staying by her bowl she follows us outside. I want to watch Finley eat to make sure he eats his tablet, so I try to get Kira back inside and leave Fin out, but he's not having me wandering off with Kira and his bowl of food. Finally (and I felt SO mean) I had to grab Kira by the scruff of the neck and push her back through the screen door. She stood there watching while Finley had his breakfast. Fortunately, luck finally went my way and he ate the whole thing, tablet and all.

    I couldn't believe what would normally take 30 seconds turned into a half hour ordeal. I guess I'll have to get clever next month (I'm planning to try a peanut butter coating).

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    DefaultRe: Since when is my lab picky about food?!

    Back when I gave the pills, I just tossed them in the food. If its in the dish it gets eaten around here.



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