I'm bribbing my nieces.
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Thread: I'm bribbing my nieces.

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    DefaultI'm bribbing my nieces.

    My nieces are spending the weekend with me so of course I decided it would be a great time for me to work on Brigetta's training. After a few minutes they wanted to watch a movie instead...so I had to bribe them with dollar bills Since Brigetta is afraid of strangers I have to take this opportunity to work on her training. I would put her in a down/stay and have them run by her, throw balls, drop keys, etc. Then I would have them throw their french fries on the floor and give the leave it command. It turned out to be a fun night of training and Brigetta did surprisingly well!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: I'm bribbing my nieces.

    Good Girl Brigetta I like your idea of taking advantage of the opportunities that arose.

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    DefaultRe: I'm bribbing my nieces.

    Good girl Brigetta!! And what a fun time for the neices.


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