...Petey is finally gaining some weight. ;D ;D ;D

I know that might seem odd but Petey is field lab build, lots of energy and athletic(lean and muscular) We have tried to have him gain a bit of weight to give him a bit of width but to no avail. We have to feed him about 6 cups of food just to keep him looking like he isn't wasting away.

So it is wonderful to see some meat over his muscles (he is still athletic looking but the layer of weight over the muscle gives him a softer look) So once we get him plumped out to where he should be, not over weight in anyway, I will start a whole new set of pictures of him.

It is really funny because Indi has big bones so if she eats more then 2 and a half cups a day, she balloons up, so I always feel guilty when I feed Indi her serving and Petey gets such a big one. VBG Petey has the metabolism to make keeping him trim and a little healthy heavy has always been such a task. I think that finally after reaching 3 and a half his metabolism has slowed down.

Now comes the fun part of finding just hte right amount of food to keep him from getting overweight. Never ends. LOL ;D

Ok, time to celebrate. Gee I wish people would celebrate when I gained a few pounds. :