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    DefaultPoor Murphy...

    Yesterday was murphys graduation from puppy kindergarten, but I have been sick with the worst flu I ever had in years. Just walking gets me dizzy, and driving is even worse. He seemed overly excited yesterday, running around the yard butt tucking, then to the gate where he would sit and look at me. I just didnt have it in me. I already called in sick to work for a couple days, and I am not feeling much better. I also havnt let him out of the crate much in the past couple of days, so he is just more obnoxious when he is out, grabbing everything he can and then running outside and then comming back for more. I lost my voice, so I cant tell him no, or come, or outside.. poor guy. I think he might be too young to realize daddy is sick. Well the next puppy class starts in the beginning of next month, with the same teacher so I can pick up his diploma then.

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    DefaultRe: Poor Murphy...

    Sorry for both of you. How about if you spread an old sheet or blanket on the bed, supply him with a really great chew, and let him hang out with you for a while? Sometimes, a little 'one on one' is all they need.
    Feel better soon.....

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    DefaultRe: Poor Murphy...

    Feel better soon!

    Murphy, Riley, and Piper


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