Jekyll and Hyde Pup.
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Thread: Jekyll and Hyde Pup.

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    DefaultJekyll and Hyde Pup.

    OK, I see a problem brewing.

    I wake up at 6am and spend an hour each morning out with Brandy my new 3 month Lab.

    She's a pleasure. She walks close to the leash. Plays off the leash in the backyard, then has some food in the morning before going in her crate, while I go off to work......That's when the trouble begins.

    By the time I get home from work, she's wired, wild, crazy, loud, mouthy, butt-tuckin' throughout the house, and just downright obnoxious. I attribute her behavior to being chased by my 3 year old, and / or crated because she's driving my wife nuts.

    Have any of you ever had this "Jekyll and Hyde" problem with your pups?

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    DefaultRe: Jekyll and Hyde Pup.

    Ohhh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes.

    This is not uncommon at all. Angus used to turn into The Devil at approximately 7:00 each night. We called it "The Witching Hour." He was rather normal in the mornings, but after being cooped up all day he was rearin' to go when we got home. It wore my a$$ out!!!!

    It's just puppy crazies. She's only three months, so I'm sorry to say you have several months to go. For me, when it just got to be too much, he got a time out in the crate.

    Obedience training at night helped work off a little steam. Otherwise, maybe another good play session after work is in order. Just hang in and try to live through it.

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    DefaultRe: Jekyll and Hyde Pup.

    Rowdy at 9 months is much better, but his time used to be 9pm till we went to bed, he wanted us to go to bed and wouldn't on his own.

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    DefaultRe: Jekyll and Hyde Pup.

    Tal is 7 months and after being in his crate all day I figure he is due some good play time when I get home. I'd add a little extra play time to burn off some of that excess energy!

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    DefaultRe: Jekyll and Hyde Pup.

    Sounds like normal Lab behavior to me! We have an Aussie puppy right now, and both he and our Lab are usually outside during the day (weather here is good!)but puppy is most active in the early evening....and he is 7 months old...
    Someone did tell you that Labs stay puppies until about 3 yrs....??? Will it help if I tell you that someday if you are lucky your dog will live to be an old dog, and then you will be wishing you could turn back time. I never thought my girl Katie would ever slow down...well she will be 10 tomorrow, and she has slowed down....did not even realize how much until we brought our Aussie pup home....then all those memories came back....I use to call Katie "Wild Thing" now that title has been passed on...Puppies are a lot of work....just as much as a child... Labs are also very don't leave the 2 alone together....another normal puppy thing...
    Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: Jekyll and Hyde Pup.

    Obedience really really helps with wearing your pup out. Teaching them new tricks and commands makes their little brains work hard and tires them out pretty quickly.

    Larry was often an obnoxious beast after we first got him. That's why he knows so many tricks now! ;D

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    DefaultRe: Jekyll and Hyde Pup.

    well, how would you react after being in the crate all day long?
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    DefaultRe:Jekyll and Hyde Pup.

    Your puppy is not Jekyll and me. She is completely normal. If she has been couped up for the better part of the day, she will have a LOT of energy to burn on your return. Make sure she spends the rest of the night up until you put her to bed outside of the crate with you...

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    DefaultRe: Jekyll and Hyde Pup.

    For starters, don't allow your 3 year old to chase the dog. This will only excellerate the "game" and someone could get hurt.
    My boy was a very excitable pup and even if crated for a couple hours would get wild when we came home. Sounds to me like you have a happy and exuberant pup. They need a lot of exercise.
    As soon as you walk in what I would do is potty the pup and maybe even do it on a leash. Then give more playtime in the back yard before you come back in. A pup on a leash is going to have a harder time butt-tucking and running wild out of control on a leash.
    Praise for good behavior like sitting nicely when you or your child pets her.
    She needs manners now because this won't be fun in 3 more months.


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