Nick & Nora help "cousin"
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Thread: Nick & Nora help "cousin"

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    DefaultNick & Nora help "cousin"

    Nick & Nora adore riding in the car. Nora always rides "shotgun" and Nick is the "tail gunner". They are very social and love it when we pass people walking their dogs. Frequently Nick or Nora will "talk" to me if they think I missed seeing the other dog/s.

    Tonight as I came to a stop sign, they saw what I did not: a loose black lab trotting down the street. After they alerted me to the loose lab, I pulled over and called him to me and he came readily. He was a gorgeous senior lab with a greying muzzle. Fortunately he had tags with his name (Willy) and his phone number. I held him and called his owner and they were reunited in less than 10 minutes.

    Of course our intrepid heroes were going nuts wanting to get out of the car and play with their "cousin". What a hoot.

    Here are two recent pictures of the intrepid pair. Please forgive the cam.



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    DefaultRe: Nick & Nora help "cousin"


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    DefaultRe: Nick & Nora help "cousin"

    way to go nick and nora!!! I bet the people were happy to get their pal Willy back
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    DefaultRe: Nick & Nora help "cousin"

    They are so cute. Good going Nick & Nora. I bet the lab's owner was thrilled to find the lab. That was a wonderful thing to do.


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