What do you think is wrong with Lilo??
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Thread: What do you think is wrong with Lilo??

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    DefaultWhat do you think is wrong with Lilo??

    Lilo for the past few years has been pooping in the house.
    Not every day but every so often. I haven't been happy about it,
    but we weren't always sure it was her when Jasmine was with us. So after awhile and
    getting new carpet, all 3 got confined to the kitchen because
    I didn't want the new carpet getting trashed. Well once they
    got confined, it stopped after about a week.

    Well Jasmine left and we thought it was fine to give the other
    2 free roam of the house again. Everything was fine until last
    week. Every few days I would come home to find a pile of poop.
    Yesterday was the draw of the string because its been happening
    on a daily basis now. Today they got confined back to kitchen and
    so I not only came home to poop but she also peed.

    Do you think she is doing this now because she's upset Jasmine
    is gone?? Do dogs even think like that??? And should we just
    start putting her back to the crate???? This is crazy. They both pee
    and poop before we leave in the mornings so why is she going again?
    The poop looks normal and the pee looks and smells fine.

    Its either crate or I guess I resort to coming home on lunches. But
    they are 4 years old and should be able to hold it all day no?

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    DefaultRe: What do you think is wrong with Lilo??

    Maybe you will need to crate Lilo again when you are not around.

    I had a similar thing with Gus...........Gus was house trained as a puppy but would occasionally have an accident overnight. He wouldn't let me know that he needed to go out. Well as time went on (years) it became more and more often until it was happening every night > (usually just wee but sometime poo as well). I knew he could "hold it" because it never happened in the day if he was left alone for the same length of time. Eventually I decided that something had to be done because we were putting down new flooring put down. Because Gus only ever weed in the games room I blocked that room off at night for a while and to start with that worked well but as soon as I took down the blockade he starting weeing in the games room again. Then I thought "lots of people in JL use crates I'm going to give that a go as well" So I hired a crate for a month just to see how it went before buying one.........EUREKA it worked ;D and he has been in a crate nearly night since and the few times he hasn't been crated he has been to the toilet in the games room!!!!.........I even bought a crate for Matt as well because he would always be in Gus's given half the chance. So Gus will be crated every night for the rest of his life because I think he will just go back to the old behaviour if he is let out.

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    DefaultRe: What do you think is wrong with Lilo??

    I'd go back to the crate. My golden did that after she was well house trained. She went back to the crate and learned all over again!

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    DefaultRe: What do you think is wrong with Lilo??


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    DefaultRe: What do you think is wrong with Lilo??

    I got with the crate too. It will save you alot of aggro.

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    DefaultRe: What do you think is wrong with Lilo??

    i'd go with the crate, too, but if she poops/pees in her crate as well, then i'd go in for a vet visit.

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