First day at doggie daycare
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Thread: First day at doggie daycare

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    DefaultFirst day at doggie daycare

    How did your lab act that night?
    Kimba looks like he got run over by a steamroller!!!!
    I don't think I have EVER seen him THIS exhausted.

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    DefaultRe: First day at doggie daycare

    aww least you know that SOMETHING can exhaust him!
    i actually never taken any of my dogs to doggy daycare, but it sound like fun

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    DefaultRe: First day at doggie daycare

    My two are very tired and thirsty after a day at daycare. One reason I take them; my mantra is a tired lab is a good lab! They usually get a long drink when they get home and then take a long nap......after a few hours they are recharged and ready to play.

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    DefaultRe: First day at doggie daycare

    Sally goes to daycare about 2 days a week. We usually pick her up around 1:00 - 2:00, so she's been there about 4 or 5 hours. She crashes when she gets home and sleeps until around 8 or 9:00. Then she gets up ready to go again....right at bedtime!

    She's at daycare now. She absolutely LOVES IT!! ;D

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    DefaultRe: First day at doggie daycare

    Gabby misses her normal day care day yesterday, and was super annoying all day because of it- you'd think two walks and swimming would make up for it....

    Anyway, when I pick her up, Gabby bounds out to see me, hops around outside...and then passes out in the car. She's usually pretty sleepy the rest of the evening- no sudden revitalizations. She does play there for a long time, though, I drop her off between 6:30 and 7 am, and pick her up around 5- so that's 8 or so hours of playing with a one hour nap at lunch!

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    DefaultRe: First day at doggie daycare

    Daly is the same way. He runs to the car, and doesn't move till we get home. Then he eats and goes straight to bed until the morning. Then he's ready to go again

    We all love it

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    DefaultRe: First day at doggie daycare

    Sounds like Brigetta. She comes home, eats, then is out for the night. The mean mommy that I am...I do wake her up for a little training

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence


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