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Thread: Doggy daycare

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    Mybabymambo Guest

    DefaultDoggy daycare

    I am going to leave and check out a place that has doggy day care. I am going without Mambo just to take a look at the place.

    Anything I should be looking for?
    Questions I should ask?

    I will take Mambo back tomorrow for them to see and check his personality.

    Also the seem priced well. Its 20.00 a day, does that sound good?

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    DefaultRe: Doggy daycare

    I have no experience of day care. Just wanna wish you both GOOD LUCK!

    And about the personality check, I'm sure that will be just fine!! Mambo is such a sweetie!!! :-* :-* :-*
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
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    Nikki 6 months

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    DefaultRe: Doggy daycare

    I would check for , appropriate amount of staff.
    What happens if the dogs get in a fight?
    Clean Water supplies,etc. for the dogs? If they need to take a break from the other dogs can they do so, and where?

    I used to work at a dog daycare , but that's all I can come up with right now.

    Hope it goes well. Oh and it depends on what type of daycare this is. Are the dogs together freely most of the day, or do they stay in crates a good portion of the day? The price sounds fairly reasonable, just depends on what all they get to do.

    Goodluck and let us know how it goes.

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    DefaultRe: Doggy daycare

    We (hubby, Sally and I) absolutely LOVE her daycare. I'd definitely ask to go back where the action is and see how they interact with the dogs. You know the essentials....cleanliness, safety, supervision....but I'd want to see for myself.

    Sally's daycare is $18.00/day. We are so excited because they are opening a new bigger facility next month! ;D

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    DefaultRe: Doggy daycare

    Dammit, I wish we had a daycare around here!!

    Califon, NJ
    Hunterdon County
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    DefaultRe: Doggy daycare

    I love Tal's daycare also. It is $21 per day. Before I ever took him there, actually before I ever got him in the first place! I checked the place out. The first thing I noticed is how clean it was. This was back in April when things were pretty warm. They had some of those mist generator spray thingys like at an amusement park.

    When I went by it was unannounced and they were very helpful and spent as much time as necessary answering my questions. Supervision is a biggie. At Tal's there are at easttwo staffers at all times with them. They divide them up into 3 groups by size and all. Like yours they test them for temperament, mainly aggressiveness.

    Good luck! I know Mambo will love it and do just fine.

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    DefaultRe: Doggy daycare

    Good question.
    Kimba is on his first "trail" day with the daycare by us. We are going out of town and opted for the daycare, that way he can play in day and then just be kenneled at night.
    So far I have not received any calls saying he is misbehaving, so I am assuming he is probably doing well and having a blast.

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    DefaultRe: Doggy daycare

    I absolutely love Bailey's daycare too; we pay $18 per full day & $15 per half-day.
    Ours also checked temperment & is divided by dog size.
    They are clean, have a ton of toys, creates for time-outs, rests, & emergencies, but the dogs are not left in them for long periods of time.
    No other suggestions for questions, just make sure you like the cleanliness, way they conduct business, & all policies!
    I've heard of a few other's on the board having neat additions like report cards, webcams, etc... My daycare's smaller so we dont have any of these extras (which would be cool).

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    Mybabymambo Guest

    DefaultRe: Doggy daycare

    Ok, I just got back, went to two. Firts was closer, but first thing I noticed was there was only one employee, She took me in the back and the big dog section was nice, but no water. She said Mambo would have to go on the puppy side. PUPPY?? Mambo is 65 pounds, those puppies over there are like 20.

    Second one WOW. the place was really really clean and nice. They gave me a tour to the back. They has about 15 dogs in the main dog day care section, of course mostly labs. There was a lady standing in the area with them watching over them. I noticed about 8 employees compared to the one I seen at the other. Plenty of toys. The floor was kinda dirty, but she said its because they all just came in. They have 1/2 an acre in the back to play but right now its mostly mud. But if they are dirty they will wash them before you pick them up.They also have a pool inside the dogs are able to use. Oh and they have web a web cam so I can watch him during the day. They do have a doggy time out, or a place for them to rest. They also board which is great. They have suites with web cams and of course cable, why they think dogs need cable, I dont understand. Shoot they have more channels than I do.

    They showed me the whole place and it was really nice. I didnt even know about the second place, the first place told me about them. So I kinda just popped up there.Oh and some of mambos friends go to the better place. I seen two of his friends there. So I know he would be happy.

    Only thing, at the second place they kept all dogs, no matter size in the same area. I guess if she is always standing in there it shouldnt be a problem.

    So looks like I found a place for him to go. They want to meet him first and make sure he is friendly, which of course he is. Hope to try them out next week.

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    DefaultRe: Doggy daycare

    Sounds promising
    I hope it works out.

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