Moose finally got something to eat that he couldn't handle!
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Thread: Moose finally got something to eat that he couldn't handle!

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    DefaultMoose finally got something to eat that he couldn't handle!

    I have a bread maker that I haven't used in years (lots of years) and for some reason I decided to pull it out and make some bread. I set it up on the island and got it going while I made spagetti sauce. About half way thru the process it literally jumped off the counter. I'd forgotten that it would move when it was kneading the bread - scared the crap out of me and Sky! Moose the ever dliigent, opportunity seeking guy he is moved in quickly to snag the dough off the floor. I'm going after him trying to get him to listen to me, but when he has something special it can be very hard. Well I guess it was just too doughy for him and he finally let it go on the way up the stairs. I kept thinking about this dough rising in his stomach and was a little freaked out about it. I guess the dough was just too much for him Now I just need a glass of wine.
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    DefaultRe: Moose finally got something to eat that he couldn't handle!

    Well thank goodness he dropped it! I would have been a little freaked too! I can just see him, making off with his dough.

    Your story reminds me of something funny that's been going on over here. We haven't had a toaster in a very long time. I had one that I absolutely hated, never used it, finally tossed it about a year ago, and just never thought to get another one. I got a gift card to Target for Christmas, and thought, Hey, I should get us another toaster.

    But every time I make toast and it pops up, it scares the hell out of Simon! He leaps to his feet and starts looking wildly around the room, trying to find the source of that hellish noise. It reminds me of the Sheltie on that episode of The Dog Whisperer.

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