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    DefaultAngus Heels!

    So, Kevin has been really sick for about five days now. : That makes me the dog-walker. I have really been slacking off on going along this winter, so I guess this has been good to kick-start me and hopefully get me back in the habit.

    Anyway, I usually don't take treats along on our walks, but for some reason I thought to grab a handful before we walked out the door tonight. Angus saw me do this. So, for the entire walk with only a couple of brief breaks to sniff something and to poop, I had beautiful heads-up heeling. That would be one mile of heeling. Oh, I never asked for it, but that's what I got.

    What a little beggar. :P

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    DefaultRe: Angus Heels!

    I guess Angus' motto is "Will Heel for Treats". Regardless, it must be nice to walk with him when he is heeling.

    Blackie and Ranger ...............................Reggie: 1996-2010 "Fly Reggie Fly"

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    DefaultRe: Angus Heels!

    That is so funny. When we were about the middle way thru the obedience class I was in with Moose the instructor said she always used a particular dog to demonstrate because she knew he was comfortable with her. So I commented that Moose was always willing to work for food. So the next time she demonstrated something she chose Moose. She did a 4 point turn where you litterally go in a circle in 4 steps. It was so funny because never sat up - he pivoted on his butt! It was quite funny to watch - but he got his treats!
    Sharon, loved by Moose & Sky

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    DefaultRe: Angus Heels!


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    DefaultRe: Angus Heels!

    Attaboy Angus!


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