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    DefaultFinding littermates

    I'm interested in finding the littermates of our 3 yr old yellow, male lab (Star Lab's Happy Petie). He's such a beautiful, joyful pup that I wonder how his littermates turned out. Does anyone know how to go about finding littermates? I know the names of a few pups from his litter, through their AKC registration, but don't know how to find the owners.

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    DefaultRe: Finding littermates

    Maybe you should try asking your breeder, you never know???
    My breeder has a website and it has pictures from buyers who have sent comments or pictures, in to show the breeder how their dog turned out, your breeder probably has a e-mail address for them.

    Hope this has helped

    P.S. Here is the link to my breeders home page- it has Belle on it somewhere along with some of her littermates pictures. It says her kennel club name is Rhemacourts Bella, but it is a typo and is actually Belle. You can look just out of intrest if you want.
    Tell me what you think through PM etc.

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    DefaultRe: Finding littermates

    I'd say contact the breeder.

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    DefaultRe: Finding littermates

    I'd say contact your breeder too. Chances are he/she knows where every pup (or "kids" as our breeder calls them!) is.

    We met up with Henry's breeder Leslie, and met Henry's littermate, Isabelle, last year at the LRO show. She's a monkey, just like Henry!!

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    DefaultRe: Finding littermates

    We used to email our breeder a lot with Mickey updates. Things have gotten a bit busy, so we're only emailing and sending photos about twice a year now. I'd say give your breeder a call, I know ours had a lot of information about the health of the other littermates (called to report Mickey's allergies). She even has a website with pictures of previous litters that the families send in, so I'm able to see the other furkids from Mickey's litter!

    WooT!<br /><br /><br />He made it too! <br />


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