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    DefaultHelp Save These Labs

    I know I should post this in the rescue section, but it broke my heart to read the following post on the Marley and Me message board:

    This man plans to euthanize both of his labs on March 16th because one of them supposedly bit his child and the other growls at the child. If you read the incident it appears to be somewhat exaggerated

    If you can help and live near New York please respond to his ad on the Marley and Me forum.

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    DefaultRe: Help Save These Labs

    Hundreds and thousands of homeless labradors in North America, and a good chunk of them have good, stable temperaments.

    Then we have a dog that bit a child badly enough to need stitches - thankfully, it wasn't on the face, but can be 'hidden' under hair. I don't blame the wife for not trusting the dog ever again, and I don't blame the rescue groups for refusing to take a confirmed biter.

    So what alternative does the man have? Even a person that doesn't have kids, may still have young visitors, or meet children out on walks. He's placed ads, he's trying to adopt out the dog - but his wife has set a deadline. I won't criticize that whatsoever.

    There are worse things than euthanization.

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    DefaultRe: Help Save These Labs

    My gut is telling me the wife just doesn't want those dogs. I read all three pages posts, never a mention of a gate to separate dogs from baby, dogs seem to have been there for years before the baby came, there's a lot going on that probably wasn't handled well. We don't know if the dogs have ever been with a baby before, or about socialization in general. I'm sorry the daugter was injured at all, and many people will say that once a dog has bit and drawn blood that they need to be put down, I don't agree.

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    DefaultRe: Help Save These Labs

    I sent out messages to two different Lab Rescues I work with. Hopefully they can help.

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    DefaultRe: Help Save These Labs

    Well, I can understand people being hesitant, and I do wonder if that ear infection didn't make the dog's demeanor a little off. I also wonder how much preparation was made to get these dogs ready for a baby. Still, the situation is what it is, now those dogs need a responsible home.

    My Mom does rescue for her breed, so I can see if anyone in her circle knows anyone in the area (that maybe they work co-operatively with). I think it's going to be tough to get those labs to a rescue group that's willing to take this on. He should let them know that there's a possible medical condition (chronic ear infection) that may be the root of this behavior. I have a suggestion for that, actually, since Mickey started to have recurring ear infections, but we were able to figure out what the under lying cause was.
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