Friendship and tears - both happy and sad
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Thread: Friendship and tears - both happy and sad

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    DefaultFriendship and tears - both happy and sad

    There are times when you just don't know if anyone else gets it. Your family think the whole dog thing is nice, but you are getting just a little bit overboard with trying to help so many. You start to have less and less social friends, and more and more "dog" friends. Why? Because these are the people that DO understand. They know the joy of a run in the snow on a 5º morning. They understand that most times the dogs are the number one priority, because people can make their own decisions, but dogs are subject to our whims. They share the pride that comes with a new title, or a great blind retrieve, or the perfect stack, or a day at the dog park when no fights break out. But they also share the pain of a sudden loss just as if it where their own companion.

    I am humbled to know that there are people that think of me and the labs here in those ways. People that go out of their way to make me feel so important, that help me feel like I have made some difference. Not just people, but friends. Not just friends, but DOG friends. Loyal and loving just like the breed that we all cherish.

    So why am I writing this today? Because in the mail yesterday there was a notice that I had a package waiting at the post office for delivery. With the snow and ice they could not get to the house to deliver it. My son went this morning and picked it up for me. It was not the type of box I usually get. I expected something from a dog food company or some other rescue related item, but this box was from Amazon. I don't order books, so I was really baffled.

    I opened the box and was even more confused. A small envelope saying "Open package first" and a nicely wrapped, very thin package.

    I wondered if Barb had ordered something in my name. Maybe for me, or maybe for someone else. I did not want to ruin her package if it was for someone else, so I carefully opened the card.

    I did not even make it through the first line before the waterworks started. I sat and looked at the card and the package for probably 10 minutes. I knew that any gift from Dan would be a special treasure. Reading his posts and sharing PM's with him for some time now I know the thought he puts into everything he does.

    Inside was a book I was not familiar with. I started to leaf through the pages as tears welled up again. It was almost as if it had been written especially for me.

    This is my favorite page. I hope you can read it.

    I just hope that Murph knows how much he was loved and how I miss him. I still have not been able to get back to a normal routine without him here, he was such a big part of my every day.

    Dan, you have made things feel so much easier, first by helping me to visualise your dad helping to care for the pups that did not make it, and now by helping me through the words of this wonderful book. You have a huge heart and I thank you so much for keeping me and my family near to it. Often times we don't get the chance to say things often enough, so I would like to thank you from my heart for your friendship. You have once again helped my pain to be just a little less.
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    Mybabymambo Guest

    DefaultRe: Friendship and tears - both happy and sad

    Aww. I have tears just reading your post. What a nice think for Dan to do.

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    DefaultRe: Friendship and tears - both happy and sad

    Crying reading this....that was so lovely.......Dan that was so thoughtful!

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    rexduke Guest

    DefaultRe: Friendship and tears - both happy and sad

    Awwww, That was very nice of the Dwecks.

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    DefaultRe: Friendship and tears - both happy and sad

    Joe you are an you too Dan how very very thoughtful

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    BudGirl8 Guest

    DefaultRe: Friendship and tears - both happy and sad

    Wow. What a beautiful thing to do, and a beautiful tribute to your friendship. I'm crying reading about this.

    Joe, sometimes we're blessed with friends just when we need them the most. I'm glad you've found some dog friends who "get it".

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    DefaultRe: Friendship and tears - both happy and sad

    Absolutely my pleasure, my friend. My DOG friend.

    That book came our way in a very unusual way -- maybe heaven-sent, as it were. Last year, for her birthday in January, DW#3 got a B&N gift certificate from her grandparents. It was the last present she will ever receive from my Dad, who adored her as he adores all his grandchildren. Except that NONE of us even dreamt it at the time (DW#3's birthday is Jan 09; Dad passed Feb 10).

    We wandered the kids' section at B&N, and she gravitated toward this book. We thought it was a little odd -- Wesley was/is just fine and jim-dandy, and DW#3 was too young to remember the passing of Dad's Basset Hound in 2000. But nonetheless, she was resolute. It HAD to be this book....

    It has become one of her favorites, especially now that Pop-Pop is 'up there,' one of the angels caring for dogs. Just like Joe is one of the angels down here, caring for dogs...

    I just KNEW he had to have it. It has become a fairly standard gift from us to any of our close friends who've lost a dear dog (and I've sadly had to give it a number of times recently). And Joe certainly qualifies as a close friend who lost a dear dog, distance be damned.....

    You're welcome, Joe. Again we feel your loss and hope this books brings the comfort you so richly deserve.

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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    DefaultRe: Friendship and tears - both happy and sad

    Such a special gift to a special man from another special man.
    Dan, very thoughtful of you.
    Linda and Zoë, the Umlaut
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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    DefaultRe: Friendship and tears - both happy and sad

    Awwwwww... BRAVO DAN!!!

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    momof3inbc Guest

    DefaultRe: Friendship and tears - both happy and sad

    Wow!!! What a fabulous surprise - - how very thoughtful

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