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    I usually leave first. Wife always gives the kids a dog cookie just before she leaves. This morning she had to leave early. The followed her around, nosed her pockets and were moving roadblocks. She told me to give them the treats when I leave. She got her on her coat and was out the door. The kids had been Velcro dogs to her. The door closed. They stood watching out the door until she was off the porch, then came running to the dinning room table and sat down very alert, nosing my arm. The message was clear. "Well, what are you waiting for? Give us a cookie. Apparently Wife had left me with the bill. I started to leave. I got the dog bribes from on top of the fridge and could go no further. Dog lock. I gave them their cookies and decided to post this first. In order to leave I will have to pay up another dog cookie apiece.

    Edited to add:
    SO I was escorted to the cookie bank above the fridge. Got down two cookies. I walk towards the dinning. At the doorway Jack sits sort of sideways attempting to block my path. I step over his tail. He immediately circles behind me to my left and gets in front of me between the dinning room chair and the wall. HA! Dog Lock. He has positioned himself in such a way that I cannot pass. I give him the cookie and count my fingers. He waits while I give Baby Girl hers. She is sitting pretty behind me and does not budge, that way I am still trapped. She accepts her tribute. Since the toll has been paid in full, both escort me to the front door.

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    lol They know and honor their routine

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    I love the "Dog lock". I wish I had more labs to get the lock, but DH says 2 dogs is enough (and 3 cats, 2 birds, and 2 horses).


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