Selective hearing ... or hearing loss?
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Thread: Selective hearing ... or hearing loss?

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    DefaultSelective hearing ... or hearing loss?

    Our house is three levels. Bedrooms are on the top floor. Family room, etc. on the bottom floor. We all sleep on the top floor. I feed the dogs on the bottom floor. Here's the issue:

    Ivy has recently been acting like she can't hear me calling her for breakfast. In the past, she would hear the scoop hit the kibble and she came running. Now I stand at the bottom of the stairs and call ... "IVY COME GET YOUR BREAFAST!!!". No reply. I have to go up to tell her, and then she comes down immediately.

    So, I'm trying to figure out what's going on here ...
    Sleepy girl, not ready to wake up in the mornings? ;D
    Selective hearing? ;D
    Mommy-obedience drill? ;D
    Hearing loss?

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    DefaultRe: Selective hearing ... or hearing loss?

    I've noticed that Jake doesn't jump to noises like he use to. I know his hearing is ok, so I chalk it up to indifference. He is getting more and more laid back.

    Brookville, Pa.


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