Collars and Intraocular pressure (Kimmers, read this)
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Thread: Collars and Intraocular pressure (Kimmers, read this)

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    DefaultCollars and Intraocular pressure (Kimmers, read this)

    I found this in my Animal Wellness magazine, and thought of you Kim.

    "In the neck"

    You've no doubt heard that collars can injure a dog's neck and throat if he pulls too much, but did you know that they can also increase the pressure in his eyes? A recent study published in the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association shows that the pressure caused by neck collars significantly increased intraocular pressure (IOP) in dogs. In canines with glaucoma or weak or thin corneas, this can lead to eye damage and even vision loss. The study also found that using a harness rather than a collar greatly alleviates the problem, so consider making the switch if your dog likes to pull and/or has glaucoma or a similar eye disorder.

    I found this pretty interesting to say the least. Have you heard this before Kim?
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    DefaultRe: Collars and Intraocular pressure (Kimmers, read this)

    Wow! Karina, I've never heard of this before. And I keep pretty up to date with anything to do with Glaucoma.
    We use a prong on Sammy sometimes when we walk him. I may have to look into trying a harness (he hates them) on him again. Especially now that there's only one of his pretty eyes left!
    Really really appreciate you posting this!

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