Does your Lab show gratitude?
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Thread: Does your Lab show gratitude?

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    DefaultDoes your Lab show gratitude?

    I have a Cole story.

    He hadn't had a marrow bone in awhile, so when I found a bunch at the store yesterday I brought some home. Gave him one. He chewed on that thing for more than two solid hours and then finally came up for air.

    He came over by me on the couch and started the cutest thing! He put his feet up on the couch and started nuzzling his head all over me. At first I thought he was wiping his face on me (LOL) but this was different. Then I invited him up and he proceeded to lay down ON me (he normally hates this) and nuzzle my whole head and neck for pets. He stayed like that for another hour, just soaking up some good Mommytime.

    I thought it was SO sweet. I know I'm anthropomorphizing his behavior, but I just felt like he was telling me how happy he was to get that bone!

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    DefaultRe: Does your Lab show gratitude?

    Gina, I definitely feel the same way. When we leave the offleash, we put Tucker in the back seat of the car first, hubby and I will then get into the car. Tucker will put his head up to the front of the car and give us big licks before moving left to the window. We always say 'you're welcome!!; Sure it may be 'anthropomorphizing his behavior' but this is a dog that gets in the car and will NOT take his chin off the window until we reach our destination. The ONLY time that he sits in the middle of the back seat is to wait for us to get in from the offleash to give us kisses. No matter what the books say, you know your dog.


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